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A Beautiful And Painful Cold Approach Of An Attractive Woman

It was the end of a summer afternoon in a gorgeous sunny day. I was sitting on a bench in a park, it was crowded. Not so far away was a big group who was celebrating their friend’s birthday. I was looking at them, they were all from Middle East. I noticed that one of the girls was checking me out. She was quite far though, around 20 meters. But when she looked at meRead more

The Hero’s Journey Of A Pick-Up Artist – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Mr. K is a significant figure of the daygame scene initiated in London more than a decade ago, he is a player. He was part of a bunch of geeks who decided to retro-engineer the art of attracting and seducing women in the streets, in pure daylight. These guys didn’t invent the wheel, since the practice of hitting on women in the streets had been extensively practiced for ages I believe. But until the Internet’s era,Read more

Why Do I Love Daygame?

When it comes to hitting on women, there are different types of game Night game is when you chase women in bars and clubs, and when usually both parties (gamers and women) are under the influence of alcohol. The whole online pickup subculture initiated in the early 2000s that massively spread in the last decade all started at night. I have been attempting to practise night game in the past, but I never got goodRead more