Month: May 2019

That’s How Powerful I Am

Throughout my life until recently, I had to deal with acute and bottled-up anger. As a young adult though, I was simply not aware of it. My anger got triggered by a lot of daily stimuli, and even without noticing it, it would trigger in turn a lot of angry thoughts in my head that would feed even more the emotion, and the negative feedback loop between my body and mind would go on, likeRead more

I Love Working Out in the Morning

Several months ago, I started to work out in mornings for the first time at the gym. I just fucking love it. And actually, so much that I have to force myself not to hit it after four days in a row in order to get some rest. Which is a good problem when it comes to such habits if you ask me. Here is what I have been doing: I don’t make any plansRead more

Why Many Men Don’t Want To Sort Themselves Out?

In order to get more integrated, you must sort yourself out. The amount of work required to do so, and which aspects of your life has to be prioritized (i.e., spirituality, sexually, psychologically, etc.) very much vary from one individual to another. Did you grow up in a functional family? In a conservative one? Were you surrounded and guided by strong masculine figures? Are you a very short guy? Some lucky men kick-off their earlyRead more

Why Do I Love Daygame?

When it comes to hitting on women, there are different types of game Night game is when you chase women in bars and clubs, and when usually both parties (gamers and women) are under the influence of alcohol. The whole online pickup subculture initiated in the early 2000s that massively spread in the last decade all started at night. I have been attempting to practise night game in the past, but I never got goodRead more

Why Awareness Is So Important for Integration?

Increasing awareness, is one of the pillars for becoming an integrated man. But before discussing on how to practise and increase it (described here), let’s explore why. Become the observer It is a prerequisite to observe your own thoughts and feelings without getting completely identified by them, and to start gaining some perspective about their triggers and their influences on your behaviour. In particular, you might realize that many of your inner thoughts are mereRead more