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My Friend Doesn’t Know How To Actively Listen, Do You?

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for many years. And that’s the way it is. Sometimes, it sucks more than usual. Sometimes, I need to share how it sucks with a good friend of mine. In that very case, I don’t need advice. I don’t need feedback. I don’t need to be rescued, nor to feel better. I simply need to share my burden for a short while with someone who knows how toRead more

A Part Of Me Wants All The Pussies, And It Makes Me Suffer

It was one of these warm summer nights that I had spent with a dear male friend of mine. I was coming back to my place by bike. The breeze was gently sliding on my legs and my face, it was so cozy. Yet, I felt dissatisfied. And oh boy, I can tell you that I know too well this very feeling. But how possible was it popping up again now? Indeed, I had spentRead more

The Inner Power of Self Awareness

I am fascinated by consciousness. What is it? What’s its purpose? Is it generated in the brain, or not? I’ve also been fascinated by its exploration. Getting access to it in the corners of my mind and my body. Getting access and deepening consciousness is an embodied experience. And for me, it all started with self awareness. I use the word “awareness” here to refer to as our inner abilities to watch what is happeningRead more

Always Seek Discomfort, Just Beyond Your Edge

The industrial revolution drastically eased our lives in western countries recently. Most of us do not have to worry anymore about feelings of cold, heat, and even hunger. We live in super cozy houses with running water and amazing machines helping us out with our daily chores. And that’s absolute luxury, since the less time we spend to worry about satisfying our basic needs, the more we can invest in higher-level and meaningful endeavours. However,Read more

A New Unexpected Meeting With My Shadow

As an explorer, I am dedicated to navigate through all the corners of my psyche. It is self-healing. It is fascinating. I already wrote about self-discovery and integration of a childhood trauma. Among other tools, I rely on ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew from the Amazonian jungle, to unlock and get access to unconscious material buried deep inside my psyche. And during another ceremony with ayahuasca, I met a new part of my unconscious that was broughtRead more

My First Experiences Being Tied

It was with some excitement and a bit of fear that I decided for the first-time last year to get tied by a man I didn’t know anything about, and by taking part of his personal art project. Mr. A had been practicing the art of Japanese ropes for years and pushed his passion to the point of proposing rope therapy sessions for people willing to explore surrender, stillness, and healing. I felt a bitRead more

The Overnight Turnaround of a Womanizer into a Hardcore Christian

I discovered Mr. R several years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to his first books. In a few years, this guy became one of the most influential online promoters of pick-up techniques flavored by concepts stemming from the “manosphere” (or the “red pill movement”, consisting in interpreting the social and sexual dynamic between men and women through the prism of primitive and selfish biological imperatives). I never followed his blog nor hisRead more

How To Practice And Increase Awareness?

I already made a post about the importance of awareness on the journey towards integration. Let’s look now at the tools you can use to practice and increase it. Of course, like in anything on which you would invest your time and energy, you have first to be convinced, and believe that it’s worthwhile exploring this route. And belief systems are not forged by absolute truths but are rather built up by the way individualsRead more

That’s How Powerful I Am

Throughout my life until recently, I had to deal with acute and bottled-up anger. As a young adult though, I was simply not aware of it. My anger got triggered by a lot of daily stimuli, and even without noticing it, it would trigger in turn a lot of angry thoughts in my head that would feed even more the emotion, and the negative feedback loop between my body and mind would go on, likeRead more

Why Awareness Is So Important for Integration?

Increasing awareness, is one of the pillars for becoming an integrated man. But before discussing on how to practise and increase it (described here), let’s explore why. Become the observer It is a prerequisite to observe your own thoughts and feelings without getting completely identified by them, and to start gaining some perspective about their triggers and their influences on your behaviour. In particular, you might realize that many of your inner thoughts are mereRead more