About Me

I am a middle age man, caucasian from Western Europe, third-culture kid, no children, constantly seeking personal growth and new experiences.

I have a strong explorer archetype explaining why I always ask myself questions, nurture self-doubt, and love exploring uncharted territories via unconventional paths.

I love to take risks beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. That’s the only way towards self-healing, self-realisation, and growth.

I love using my mind and get access to new knowledge. But I am also very implementation focused and need first-hand experiences.

I need to observe and understand things on my own, and then take perspective in order to move forward thanks to new insights gathered on my way. There are always things to learn from new experiences whatever I label them as good or bad. I also embrace and welcome failure.

A lot of my work and explorations are motivated by my willingness to grow, but also because I have been facing adversity.

I have been suffering for more than two decades of chronic fatigue, which got worse in the last years with new chronic symptoms. I have been evolving in a realm for which modern medicine has more open questions than clear answers.

Therefore, I didn’t have any choice but to take full responsibility for my health and try to sort things out on my own.

From an external perspective, one might think that I live a good life, but from within, I feel quite castrated because of unfulfilled potential, and constant fights for reaching long-lasting peace of mind.

And it actually turned out to be a blessing for starting my awakening, on my way towards deep self-realisation. On my way to become an integrated man.

I also have a strong warrior archetype which constantly tells me not to give up, stay focused, and always come up with clear directions on how to move forward and keep moving.

It is a fucking bumpy and nonlinear journey though, in which I am constantly deepening my understanding that it is not about the end destination, but mainly about a continuous process, in the present moment, and in constant touch with the flow of life, and existence.

(June 2019)

Contact: contact@theintegratedmanblog.net