Author: The Integrated Man

My Friend Doesn’t Know How To Actively Listen, Do You?

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue for many years. And that’s the way it is. Sometimes, it sucks more than usual. Sometimes, I need to share how it sucks with a good friend of mine. In that very case, I don’t need advice. I don’t need feedback. I don’t need to be rescued, nor to feel better. I simply need to share my burden for a short while with someone who knows how toRead more

How To Foster Transformation Of Adult Consciousness?

In a previous article, I described the evolution of Ego-based consciousness towards higher, Self-based consciousness. The Self, a term initially coined by Carl Jung, represents the unification of the conscious and the unconscious parts in an individual, his psyche as an integrated whole. The aim of this article is to present aspects I believe are important to support such a transformation at individual level. I am personally fascinated by this perspective of providing maps that one can consciouslyRead more

Human Consciousness And Its Transformation

It seems that we are quite far away from really understanding and reaching an agreement on what consciousness is. There is also no evidence so far that consciousness is actually generated in the brain, a fascinating question. By acknowledging that language and our rational mind might actually not be able to grasp the total reality of consciousness, one possible definition though, among many others, pragmatical and empirical here, is to consider consciousness as a naturalRead more

A Part Of Me Wants All The Pussies, And It Makes Me Suffer

It was one of these warm summer nights that I had spent with a dear male friend of mine. I was coming back to my place by bike. The breeze was gently sliding on my legs and my face, it was so cozy. Yet, I felt dissatisfied. And oh boy, I can tell you that I know too well this very feeling. But how possible was it popping up again now? Indeed, I had spentRead more

A Beautiful And Painful Cold Approach Of An Attractive Woman

It was the end of a summer afternoon in a gorgeous sunny day. I was sitting on a bench in a park, it was crowded. Not so far away was a big group who was celebrating their friend’s birthday. I was looking at them, they were all from Middle East. I noticed that one of the girls was checking me out. She was quite far though, around 20 meters. But when she looked at meRead more

The Inner Power of Self Awareness

I am fascinated by consciousness. What is it? What’s its purpose? Is it generated in the brain, or not? I’ve also been fascinated by its exploration. Getting access to it in the corners of my mind and my body. Getting access and deepening consciousness is an embodied experience. And for me, it all started with self awareness. I use the word “awareness” here to refer to as our inner abilities to watch what is happeningRead more

The ManKind Project, Gold Standard of a Modern Men’s Community?

When I discovered that I was a “Nice Guy”, I felt the need to establish deeper relationships and get more validated by men than by women. I cut out several of my relationships with female friends and invested more of my energy in getting socially involved with male friends. I kind of knew it was not enough though, but it was the only option I had at that time. After several years, a bit by coincidence,Read more

Always Seek Discomfort, Just Beyond Your Edge

The industrial revolution drastically eased our lives in western countries recently. Most of us do not have to worry anymore about feelings of cold, heat, and even hunger. We live in super cozy houses with running water and amazing machines helping us out with our daily chores. And that’s absolute luxury, since the less time we spend to worry about satisfying our basic needs, the more we can invest in higher-level and meaningful endeavours. However,Read more

The Way of the Superior Man – Live as if your father were dead

If there would be a single book I had to recommend every man to read and contemplate over the years, I think it could be this one, by David Deida. It is a deep and truthful dive into spiritual masculine essence, broken down into small chapters. These chapters give you concrete entry points for implementing conscious changes in your reality and mindset as a man. Here is an excerpt of its last edition’s preface, justRead more