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How To Foster Transformation Of Adult Consciousness?

In a previous article, I described the evolution of Ego-based consciousness towards higher, Self-based consciousness. The Self, a term initially coined by Carl Jung, represents the unification of the conscious and the unconscious parts in an individual, his psyche as an integrated whole. The aim of this article is to present aspects I believe are important to support such a transformation at individual level. I am personally fascinated by this perspective of providing maps that one can consciouslyRead more

Human Consciousness And Its Transformation

It seems that we are quite far away from really understanding and reaching an agreement on what consciousness is. There is also no evidence so far that consciousness is actually generated in the brain, a fascinating question. By acknowledging that language and our rational mind might actually not be able to grasp the total reality of consciousness, one possible definition though, among many others, pragmatical and empirical here, is to consider consciousness as a naturalRead more

Always Seek Discomfort, Just Beyond Your Edge

The industrial revolution drastically eased our lives in western countries recently. Most of us do not have to worry anymore about feelings of cold, heat, and even hunger. We live in super cozy houses with running water and amazing machines helping us out with our daily chores. And that’s absolute luxury, since the less time we spend to worry about satisfying our basic needs, the more we can invest in higher-level and meaningful endeavours. However,Read more

A New Unexpected Meeting With My Shadow

As an explorer, I am dedicated to navigate through all the corners of my psyche. It is self-healing. It is fascinating. I already wrote about self-discovery and integration of a childhood trauma. Among other tools, I rely on ayahuasca, a psychoactive brew from the Amazonian jungle, to unlock and get access to unconscious material buried deep inside my psyche. And during another ceremony with ayahuasca, I met a new part of my unconscious that was broughtRead more

Shadow-Work: Why This Gym Guy Is Pissing Me Off?

I love working out at the gym, especially in mornings as I already talked about. And in these last weeks, I kept seeing on a regular basis this very guy. We have both similar body types and more or less same height. But he is way bigger than I am. At many occasions when I see him there, he might actually be one of the biggest men working out around. He clearly focuses his workouts onRead more

How I Stopped Being Nice

During many years from my early adult life, I felt lost. I knew that something was wrong with me but never managed to put a finger on anything tangible that might have caused such feelings of being adrift. I still had a good life situation, but I clearly didn’t know who I was. Even if I had decent successes and relationships with women coming from my social circles, I felt somehow unfulfilled with my romanticRead more

Why Many Men Don’t Want To Sort Themselves Out?

In order to get more integrated, you must sort yourself out. The amount of work required to do so, and which aspects of your life has to be prioritized (i.e., spirituality, sexually, psychologically, etc.) very much vary from one individual to another. Did you grow up in a functional family? In a conservative one? Were you surrounded and guided by strong masculine figures? Are you a very short guy? Some lucky men kick-off their earlyRead more