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A Beautiful And Painful Cold Approach Of An Attractive Woman

It was the end of a summer afternoon in a gorgeous sunny day. I was sitting on a bench in a park, it was crowded. Not so far away was a big group who was celebrating their friend’s birthday. I was looking at them, they were all from Middle East. I noticed that one of the girls was checking me out. She was quite far though, around 20 meters. But when she looked at meRead more

The ManKind Project, Gold Standard of a Modern Men’s Community?

When I discovered that I was a “Nice Guy”, I felt the need to establish deeper relationships and get more validated by men than by women. I cut out several of my relationships with female friends and invested more of my energy in getting socially involved with male friends. I kind of knew it was not enough though, but it was the only option I had at that time. After several years, a bit by coincidence,Read more