About This Blog

This blog is a self-inquiry, and most likely, leading to a self-discovery of who I am, and how I can relate with the rest of the universe.

It is about exploring and shifting consciousness.

Consciousness is fascinating.

It is about getting as close as possible to the truth.

My own.

Without bullshit. With as less filters as possible.

It is about finding balance in the wholeness of my being.

With honesty and integrity.

It has some depth. And it has to be down-to-earth as well.

It is an on-going journey. It never ends.

My intention is that it can be inspiring.

So you end up willing to deepen your own inner work as well.

So you end up implementing it yourself.


In your daily life.

And get closer to your own truth as well.

It was initially intended for a male audience. It kind of still is, but I am not completely sure about that anymore.

Let’s see, and follow the flow.

(April 2020)