Month: June 2019

The Overnight Turnaround of a Womanizer into a Hardcore Christian

I discovered Mr. R several years ago when a friend of mine introduced me to his first books. In a few years, this guy became one of the most influential online promoters of pick-up techniques flavored by concepts stemming from the “manosphere” (or the “red pill movement”, consisting in interpreting the social and sexual dynamic between men and women through the prism of primitive and selfish biological imperatives). I never followed his blog nor hisRead more

How I Stopped Being Nice

During many years from my early adult life, I felt lost. I knew that something was wrong with me but never managed to put a finger on anything tangible that might have caused such feelings of being adrift. I still had a good life situation, but I clearly didn’t know who I was. Even if I had decent successes and relationships with women coming from my social circles, I felt somehow unfulfilled with my romanticRead more

How To Practice And Increase Awareness?

I already made a post about the importance of awareness on the journey towards integration. Let’s look now at the tools you can use to practice and increase it. Of course, like in anything on which you would invest your time and energy, you have first to be convinced, and believe that it’s worthwhile exploring this route. And belief systems are not forged by absolute truths but are rather built up by the way individualsRead more