Month: August 2020

Human Consciousness And Its Transformation

It seems that we are quite far away from really understanding and reaching an agreement on what consciousness is. There is also no evidence so far that consciousness is actually generated in the brain, a fascinating question. By acknowledging that language and our rational mind might actually not be able to grasp the total reality of consciousness, one possible definition though, among many others, pragmatical and empirical here, is to consider consciousness as a naturalRead more

A Part Of Me Wants All The Pussies, And It Makes Me Suffer

It was one of these warm summer nights that I had spent with a dear male friend of mine. I was coming back to my place by bike. The breeze was gently sliding on my legs and my face, it was so cozy. Yet, I felt dissatisfied. And oh boy, I can tell you that I know too well this very feeling. But how possible was it popping up again now? Indeed, I had spentRead more

A Beautiful And Painful Cold Approach Of An Attractive Woman

It was the end of a summer afternoon in a gorgeous sunny day. I was sitting on a bench in a park, it was crowded. Not so far away was a big group who was celebrating their friend’s birthday. I was looking at them, they were all from Middle East. I noticed that one of the girls was checking me out. She was quite far though, around 20 meters. But when she looked at meRead more